Fall, 2020


A lot has happened since last Spring, when we had just returned from Mandalay and starting new artworks in our home studios and planning ABB’s next projects. We were particularly excited about “Mapping the Wild”, our ongoing artmaking project in Point Reyes, California, in which we were to “map” the lives of five threatened animals  - Tule Elk, California Brown Pelican, California Tiger Salamander, and River Otter- as they navigate their native environment ,looking for food and shelter, and finding mates.

Since March, 2020, however, the US and many other countries have been severely affected by the Corona Virus, and its wide effects. Those of us in California and the Western US, as well as he South, are undergoing enormous challenges posed by severe drought, forest fires, hurricanes, flooding and earthquakes. ABB, and many other organizations and individuals cannot travel and funding is a challenge for projects not aimed at a health outcome. 

Our project “Mapping the Wild”, which was intended for presentation and exhibition this past Summer, has been put on indefinite hold by these conditions. We are spending this time working on collaborative pieces in the studio, as well observing, researching and recording what is happening in our region, both in ABB journals and studio sketches. 

Look for new works here soon.  We hope that you, members of our Artists Beyond Boundaries Community, are safe and well. We deeply appreciate your response and support. 

Pamela Blotner    Mie Preckler